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In this ARC TALKS webinar, Dr. Heather Landau discussed current treatment options for relapsed and refractory AL amyloidosis patients. Dr. Landau also talked about the current testing methodology used to monitor a patient’s disease status, and the role maintenance therapy may play in the management of relapsed AL amyloidosis.

In addition to describing considerations that may factor into recommended treatment plans for patients, Dr. Landau shared details on novel therapies being evaluated in clinical trials.

Original Presentation Date:
June 29, 2023


Key Webinar Highlights:

0:00 — Introduction

3:15 — Relapsed / Refractory AL Amyloidosis Overview

20:31 — Managing Relapsed / Refractory AL Amyloidosis

38:27 — Q&A

39:03 — How do patients know if they’re heading towards relapsed / refractory AL amyloidosis?

41:47 — How often do you monitor for relapsed AL amyloidosis?

42:57 — What is “minimal residual disease?”

46:54 — How common is relapsed AL amyloidosis?

48:52 — Is Venetoclax a therapy option?

50:28 — Alternatives after Daratumumab?

52:38 — How important is increased screening?

55:01 — How are light-chain and M spike levels correlated?

56:45 — Kappa Lambda FLC vs dFLC ratios

59:53 — Conclusion