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In this ARC TALKS webinar, Dr. Nativi-Nicolau and Dr. Elizabeth Mauricio discussed the decision pathway in management of ATTR amyloidosis from the cardiac and neurological standpoint.

Watch the recording to learn more about interdisciplinary approaches to ATTR amyloidosis care.

Original Presentation Date:
July 31, 2023


Key Webinar Highlights:

0:00 — Introduction

3:24 — Management of TTR amyloidosis (cardiac approaches)

8:37 — Constellation of symptoms checklist

16:43 — Disease modifying options in ATTR amyloidosis

22:22 — When should cardiology consult neurology?

24:42 — Management of TTR amyloidosis (neurologic manifestations)

28:11 — Investigating for neurologic manifestations

33:31 — Management of neuropathy

38:28 — Management of autonomic dysfunction

42:03 — Management of carpal tunnel syndrome

45:55 — Do hereditary and wild-type amyloidosis symptoms sort distinctly into neurologic and cardiac manifestations?

47:50 — How to tell the difference between diabetic and amyloid-related neuropathy?

48:36 — Is there a good approach to combination therapies?

51:06 — How to participate in clinical trials?

54:09 — Are there hereditary ATTR genes that haven’t been discovered?

56:14 — What’s the distinction between peripheral neuropathy and polyneuropathy?

58:07 — Are there any options for amyloid degraders?

1:00:29 — How can we raise awareness for earlier diagnosis?