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In this ARC TALKS webinar, cardiologist Dr. Ahmad Masri MD, MS and genetic counselor Emily Brown, MGC, CGC discuss the role of genetic testing in hereditary ATTR amyloidosis care, along with providing disease management recommendations for genetic carriers.

Emily Brown addresses the importance of genetic counseling while sharing tips to support patients and family members on their journey of genetic counseling. In addition to giving an overview of hereditary ATTR amyloidosis, Dr. Masri discusses the link between hereditary ATTR amyloidosis and genetic predisposition. Dr. Masri also guides asymptomatic and symptomatic carriers with recommendations for monitoring disease progression and identifying symptoms.

The presentation is followed by a Q and A section.

Original Presentation Date:
March 30, 2023


Key Webinar Highlights:

0:00 – Introduction

4:30 – Emily’s Presentation Begins

6:41 – Intro to Genetic Counseling

17:32 – Testing Considerations

24:33 – Summary of Genetic Counseling Presentation

25:34 – Dr. Masri’s Presentation Begins

26:55 – Definition of Transthyretin Amyloidosis

27:12 – Definition of Hereditary Transthyretin Amyloidosis

32:00 – Scenarios of Hereditary Transthyretin Amyloidosis

33:13 – Who Should Undergo Genetic Testing?

35:05 – Disease Development Surveillance

40:54 – Summary of Dr. Masri’s Presentation

42: 28 – Q and A

57:37 – Closing Remarks