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In this ARC TALKS webinar, Jill Waldron, NP and Rebecca Kirch provide guidance on navigating care choice options for amyloidosis patients and caregivers during health decline.

Rebecca provides tips for communicating with healthcare professionals, including recommendations for how to create an end-of-life care plan with a healthcare team. Rebecca also discusses factors to consider when deciding which care option is best, while also providing resources for emotional support. In addition to discussing the stages of amyloidosis progression, Jill discusses the importance of end-of-life care, while addressing the challenges caregivers and patients may experience.

The presentation is followed by a Q and A section.

Original Presentation Date:
November 10, 2023


Key Webinar Highlights:

0:00 — Introduction

3:33 — Start of Rebecca’s presentation

4:40 — Importance of communicating with the healthcare team

12:55 — Person-centered communication is palliative care’s core competency

14:24 — Discussing preferences and preparing plans

17:04 — Medical decisions that may need to be made

19:08 — Person-centered care planning tools

25:57 — Palliative care is a lifeline for quality of life

27:28 — Start of Jill’s presentation

29:29 — Definition of palliative care

31:04 — Case-study example

33:24 — What is home health

34:33 — What is hospice?

36:38 — How palliative care is different than home health and hospice care

39:40 — Different modes of palliative care

40:31 — Common topics to discuss in palliative care

44:41 — Causes of death in cardiac amyloidosis

46:43 — Qualifications for home palliative care

47:36 — When to bring up palliative care

49:21 — How to bring up palliative care discussions

50:01 — Case study continued

52:32 — Presentation summary

54:06 — Q & A and close of webinar


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The “Hello” Game
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