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In this ARC Talks Webinar, Dr. Morie Gertz gave a 101 overview of clinical trials, including consideration in how they are designed, and the phases needed for drug development. Dr. Gertz also discussed current clinical trials that are evaluating the next generation of drugs for the treatment of AL and ATTR amyloidosis.

Original Presentation Date:
May 25, 2023


Key Webinar Highlights:

0:00 — Introduction

3:10 — Start of Dr. Gertz’s presentation

4:30 — The Necessity of Clinical Trials

13:50 — The Phases of Clinical Trials

23:23 — Definition of An Open Label Extension

24:47 — The Study of Vyndaquel for ATTR-CM Patients

26:18 — The Study of Drug Therapies for ATTR-PN/hATTR patients

29:33: — How to Access Clinical Trials

30:35 — Important Clinical Trials Underway

34:00 — Q and A Section