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In this ARC Talks webinar for patients, Dr. Sharmila Dorbala explained the role that medical imaging techniques play in both diagnosing and managing amyloidosis. We also explored the role of PYP scans, EKG, and Echocardiogram imaging as well as their interpretation and limitations.

Dr. Dorbala will also highlighted novel imaging techniques for amyloidosis that are currently being studied and the role these might play in the future.

Original Presentation Date:
April 30, 2024


0:00 — Introduction

2:02 — Start of presentation

3:14 — Amyloidosis overview

5:59 — How do we diagnosis amyloidosis?

15:23 — Echocardiography overview

16:14 — MRI overview

17:42 — SPECT/PET nuclear imaging overview

18:48 — What are we imaging in cardiac amyloidosis?

32:07 — How do we use imaging in clinical care?

42:45 — The future of amyloid imaging

44:52 — Using imaging to track treatment changes

49:35 — Start of Q&A session

49:42 — What are NYHA classes? How early can imaging be used to diagnose amyloidosis?

52:15 — What do longitudinal strain numbers indicate?

54:19 — What should I know about Dr. Jon Wall’s work at the University of Tennessee and Attralus?

56:15 — What level of amyloid showing in imaging tests requires treatment?

58:52 — Can imaging techniques identify amyloid in peripheral nerves?


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