Opportunity to Advance hATTR Amyloidosis Research from Home

Prothena has teamed up with Sanguine, a provider of at-home clinical research services, to give you the opportunity to help advance hATTR Amyloidosis research from home.

The goal of this study is to detect and quantify misfolded forms of TTR that are found in blood plasma from patients with ATTR amyloidosis and correlate these levels with disease. This will be done by using a proprietary assay developed by Prothena. The aim is to assess the misfolded forms of TTR in treated and untreated patients as well as asymptomatic patients.

Participation requires a simple blood donation, and a mobile medical professional will work around your schedule to meet you in the comfort of your home and perform the blood draw.

To sign up, visit or call (855) 383-1931 to speak with a research coordinator and see if you qualify.

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