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In this ARC Talks webinar, Sandy Wong, MD, and Nancy Wong, NP, discuss autologous stem cell transplantation as a therapy choice for AL amyloidosis patients.

Dr. Wong outlines each phase of the process and goes over the function of stem cell transplants in the context of medical care. Nancy Wong discusses how to prepare for a stem cell transplant while highlighting key care considerations for each phase of therapy. Her concluding remarks focus on important considerations during the recovery period.

The presentation is followed by a Q and A section.

Original Presentation Date:
February 23, 2023


Key Webinar Highlights:

0:00 – Introduction

5:33 – What is systemic AL amyloidosis?

9:41 – Why autologous stem cell transplants (ASCT) for AL patients?

20:13 – Transplant eligibility requirements

21:40 – Pre-transplant evaluation and preparation

30:00 – ASCT transplant process

33:47 – Transplant Timeline

36:20 – Side effects of ASCT

38:28 – Post transplant care

51:50 – Q and A