Giving Tuesday – an opportunity to give back

Giving Tuesday, December 3rd, is your opportunity to support ARC’s investments in research that will speed up the development of drugs to treat amyloidosis.

Giving Tuesday, which takes place this year on December 3rd, is a global day of giving when millions of people across the globe show up, give back and charge their communities to create a wave of generosity that lasts well beyond the one day.

At the Amyloidosis Research Consortium (ARC) we show up every day focused on our mission of accelerating the development of new and innovative treatments to improve quality of life for amyloidosis patients and all who care for them. Bridging the Gap explains how we invest in research to achieve this crucial mission. Read it here.

This vital work would not be possible without the financial partnerships and support of our entire community. Your personal donation on Giving Tuesday – or any day – helps us continue on our path to fulfilling ARC’s mission. Your collaboration with others by starting a fundraiser for ARC on Giving Tuesday – or any day – can amplify your effort and also help grow awareness of amyloidosis and the urgent need for more timely diagnoses and better treatments.

You can create a fundraiser for ARC on our Facebook page, using Facebook as your platform for reaching your Facebook friends. By going to the Amyloidosis Research Consortium Facebook page, and clicking on the “Fundraisers” link on the left, you will be directed through the simple steps of setting up such a fundraiser. The direct link to the set-up page is here. With this easy tool, you and your friends and connections can donate to ARC with just a few clicks, and all of the money you donate goes directly to ARC.

Another way to create a fundraiser is by going through ARC’s site. Using this tool, you can create your own fundraising page with your own story. Creating a tribute or fundraiser page is one of the most simple and meaningful ways to honor or memorialize a family member or friend while recognizing their journey with amyloidosis and supporting the mission of the Amyloidosis Research Consortium. Visitors to your tribute or fundraiser page can take action by making a donation, posting messages of encouragement, or by sharing your page with their friends. The link to the fundraiser page on ARC’s site is here.

Or, another option is to hold a fundraiser of your own, either as a separate event or perhaps to support an athletic event such as a half-marathon or even your local Turkey Trot! ARC can provide you with tools and information to support this dedicated effort. All of these fundraising actions expand ARC’s reach and increase the money that can be raised for the important work we do.

ARC is sincerely grateful for the generous support we receive on Giving Tuesday and throughout the year. Every dollar matters, and every donation makes a difference. Reaching a future where amyloidosis is a curable condition requires all of us, in collaboration, to show up, give back and work for the changes that will get us to our goal.

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ARC is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization