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Each day we are adding another critical reason for you to ask 10 friends to donate 10 dollars to the Amyloidosis Research Consortium.


Day 10: Your Partnership

ARC is heavily reliant on donations and the fundraising efforts of the amyloidosis community, without which, it could not do the important work it does.

Day 9: Committed Team

ARC’s highly driven, experienced team works tirelessly every day to advance our efforts on behalf of all patients and their families.

Day 8: Benefiting Patients

ARC is focused on making sure that the patients get access to the best possible treatment and care no matter where they live in the world.

Day 7: Driving Change

ARC ensures that patients come first by educating and lobbying all those involved in the research, regulation and approval of new treatments.

Day 6: Patient Centric

ARC is instrumentally involved in the conception, design and management of the clinical trials in our collaborative network to ensure that they are relevant and address unmet clinical need.

Day 5: Strategic Investment

ARC strategically invests its funds towards research projects most likely to make a material and significant contribution to improving patient outcomes.

Day 4: Connecting Patients

ARC is actively connecting amyloidosis patients to clinical trials, giving them access to potential new treatments.

Day 3: Pioneering Advocacy

ARC is an exemplar model for patient-led research foundations. The work we do and the progress we make with the FDA and other regulatory bodies is helping to pave the way for other diseases beyond amyloidosis.

Day 2: Global Research

ARC is the only patient-driven organization in the world exclusively focused on amyloidosis research.

Day 1: Improving Diagnosis

ARC’s awareness and education programs are improving the rate of diagnosis. Delayed diagnosis in amyloidosis can be fatal.

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